you're in my veins and i cannot get you out

you made me a whole person...

fearless devotion


i dare you to let me be your { one and only } 21. Northern Ireland/England. Brown hair. Blue eyes. 21/01/1990. Aquarius. Taken. Student Midwife. Obsessive. Romantic. Sarcastic. Dramatic. Pessimistic. Impatient. Hyperactive. Procrastinator. Agnostic.


"Chance meeting your perfect other; your perfect opposite - your protector and endangerer. Chance embarking with this other on the greatest of journeys."

Charmed. Pushing Daisies. The X Files. Bones. Ghost Whisperer. Pretty Little Liars. Sex and The City. According to Jim. Desperate Housewives. ER. How I Met Your Mother. Friends. Bleak House. Jon and Kate Plus 8. Ally McBeal. Outnumbered LOST. Downton Abbey. Twilight Saga. The Notebook. The Mummy, The Mummy Returns. Serendipity. Gone With The Wind. The Proposal. The Family Stone. Anna and The King. Man On Fire.

Holly Marie Combs. Gillian Anderson.. Vivien Leigh. Maura Tierney. Rachel Weisz. Judy Garland. Anna Friel. Kristin Davis. Evangeline Lilly. Emily Deschanel. Rachel McAdams. Elizabeth Reaser. Kate Winslet. Nikki Reed. Brian Krause. Brendan Fraser. Peter Facinelli. David Duchovny. Matthew Fox. Goran Visnjic.

Piper/Leo. Abby/Luka. Robert/Cora. Ned/Chuck. Mulder/Scully. Melinda/Jim. Cheryl/Jim. Will/Emma. Tom/Lynette. Jack/Kate. Esme/Carlisle. Ross/Rachel. Emmett/Rosalie. Brennan/Booth. Ella/Byron.


"i let it fall, my heart, and as it fell you rose to claim it"

by _beka

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